5 Days Tour

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Duration: 5 days

Region: Prespa and Ohrid

Tour grade: Medium

Biking season: June – September

Participants required: 4 – 12

All out tours are with flexible dates and a possibility for customization. The price depends of the tour and the number of people. Once there is a minimum number of participants for a tour it will be scheduled. You can also suggest your own tour and we will organize it for you on demand.

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Two national parks and lakes

Skopje – Bitola – Ohrid

This tour requires medium readiness and it offers possibility to enjoy the beauty of two national parks Pelister and Galichica, as well as the two natural lakes, Prespa and Ohrid lake.
We will visit the second biggest city in Macedonia, Bitola, also known as the city of consuls, few traditional ethnic villages, situated near Baba Mountain, Dihovo, Brajcino and Ljubojno. Also we will visit the city of Ohrid, a two and a half millennia old cultural and natural heritage jewel, protected by UNESCO in 1980, as one of the priceless treasures of nature.On our trip we will have the possibility to enjoy in the traditional tasteful Macedonian cuisine and wines.

Day 1

Meeting with our guide at the meeting point and departuring for Bitola, the second largest city in R.Macedonia.The city is located in the southern part of the Pelagonia valley, surrounded by the Baba mountain, also known by its highest pick Pelister (2.601 m). We will visit the archaeological site “Heraclea – Linkestis” founded in 4th century BC. Afterwords we’ll have some time to go sightseeing in the city. The accomodation will be in village Dihovo, in a traditional macedonian house, where we will taste macedonian specials and home made wine, beer and honey. Accomodation at ethno house. Lunch,dinner,overnight.

Day 2

Dihovo – Pelister – Ljubojno – Brajcino

Breakfast at ethno house. The bike tour starts with a ride in the beautiful national park Pelister, through the forest road that abounds with stunning landscape. The flora of the park include the endemic five-needle pine  “Molika”, which can grow old for over 200 years, at height of over 40 meters and it can be found at a height of over 2000 meters. Pelister is also known for its two mountain lakes, which are called Pelister’s Eyes. The Big lake is 2,218 metres above the sea level while the Small lake is 2,180 metres high. At the Big lake we will make short break, after which we will continue our journey through an exciting road to the beautifull villages of Ljubojno and Brajcino. At Ljubojno we will have lunch at a macedonian house, where we will taste national dishes. We will be accommodated in Brajcino in local ethno house, where we will have dinner. Accomodation in a local ethno house. Dinner, overnight.
Length: 41 km ; Elevation: 1500 m
Technical skills: 4/5 ; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 3

Brajcino – Galichica – Ohrid

Breakfast at ethno house. The ride today starts at Prespa lake, from where we will climb up the mountain Galichica. The national park Galicica is high 1.568 meters above the sea level, with an area of 22.750 hectars. At the top of the mountain a beautifull scanary will be open, from there we can see the two lakes, Ohrid lake and Prespa lake. The road abounds with colorfull landscapes and views. At the mountain lodge on Galichica we will make short brake for a light meal (sandwiches) and then continue our ride to the city of Ohrid. We will arrive in Ohrid in the afternoon, where we will accomodate in a hotel, and after a short brake, go for a walk around the city. We will have organized dinner at a national restaurant.
Hotel accommodation, dinner, overnight.
Length: 81 km ; Elevation: 1000 m
Technical skills: 3/5 ; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 4

Ohrid -St. Naum – Ohrid

Breakfast in the hotel. We will start our ride to the monastery of St.Naum, founded in the 10th century, situated on the other, south, side of the lake. The source of the river Black Dream which flows into the lake is near this monastery. After our visit of the monastery we will have rest on a local beach. In the fishing village Trpejca we will have lunch at a local restaurant where we can taste some local types of fish dishes. In the afternoon we will departure to Ohrid where we have organized sightseeing of the city with a guide. Organized dinner at a national restaurant. Hotel accomodation. Overnight.

Day 5

Ohrid- Skopje

Breakfast in hotel. Departure to Skopje through Kicevo.