Shar Mountain – Leshnica

Leshnica 054


Duration: 2 days 

Region: Northwest Macedonia, Shar Mountain

Tour grade: Moderate

Biking season: June – September

Participants required: 4 – 14

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 Leshnica tour 2013

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Skopje -Shar Mountain – Vrutok – Skopje

This tour offers an opportunity to explore the magnificent beauty of a very picturesque area in the heart of Shar mountains , our most beautiful mountain range. In this area around 72 rivers form valleys and canyons . Here you can also see the famous shepherd dog named after this mountain.
We will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the beautiful Leshnichka river and its amazing environment that abounds with numerous mountain peaks , stunning landscapes and waterfalls. In the very end of the tour we will be welcomed in an excellent fish restaurant near Vrutok, the spring of Vardar, our longest river.

Day 1

Arrival in Shapka at 10 o’clock.
The tour starts with a short climb followed by a long downhill by a forest road with gorgeous scenery, that will take us to one of the most beautiful places on Shar Mountain, Leshnica Valley, a place that delights with its natural beauty. It’s hard to find words that would describe the magnificence of this area and that would capture the beauty of the high peaks that rise above, the whisper of the fir and pine forests, the rippling of the unbelievably pristine waters of the Pena river’s springs … Only by visiting this place you can experience its magnificence and its stunning nature. On our way back we will make few short breaks that we could use to capture the beauty of this place by making some photographies.
Accommodation in hotel, dinner included

Length: 34 km ; Elevation: 900 m
Technical skills: 3/5 ; Physical condition: 3/5

Day 2

The second day we will have a longer route, but still without much elevation. We will simply enjoy the amenities of this beautiful mountain. The forest road abounds with many waterfalls and a beautiful view of the valley Polog. Arrival in the afternoon in the beautiful riverside restaurant in Vrutok where we will have lunch. Transport to Skopje.

Length: 80 km ; Elevation: 1400 m
Technical skills: 3/5 ; Physical condition: 3/5