Trails of Balkan

Duration: 8 days / all-day trip

Region: Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania

Tour grade: Challenge

Biking season: June – September

Participants required:  2 – 12

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Trails of Balkan

One exotic tour which crosses through four Balkan countries and two wild mountain ranges by mountain bike. Meet unknown trails, original landscapes and friendly people in Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania. An unforgettable adventure in unknown Europe. The archaic pastures with the hospitable people and the curious horde of children are living proof of the authenticity of these mystical mountains.

Day 1

Transfer to Popova Shapka (1,800 m) the largest ski area in Macedonia. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 2

The day starts with short uphill a long downhill on lonely forest roads, past sheep farms and original alpine pastures to the beautiful valley Leshnica than we continue to the Muslim villages south of the Sar Planina border mountains Veshala and before the strenuous climb to the border saddle begins, we stop to surprise the residents in the village pub in Veshala. At the border ridge, we are handed over by the Macedonian police to the Kosovar police, who are no less friendly. Accompanied by us, we use the first single trail than double forest road to the fortress in one of the most beautiful cities in Kosovo, Prizren. Overnight in a nice hotel.
Length: 62 km ; Elevation: 2000 m
Technical skills: 4/5; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 3

After breakfast, we use a transfer to Peja and lunch in a cozy restaurant in the famous Rugova gorge. than follows steep uphill to point of ascent to our cozy hut in the middle of lush alpine pastures and peaks up to 2,600 m. In the evening we are spoiled with delicious local food and in the evening we sit together with the locals over Peja beer and Rakia in the heated room.
Length: 15 km ; Elevation: 1400 m
Technical skills: 3/5; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 4

A great single trail day. The heart of the tour. Through a lush alpine flora, we mostly bike on the back of the ridge between Kosovo, Montenegro at around 2,000 m to tripoint Tromedje from where we go downhill to Doberdol in Albania a high valley with alpine pastures and a heavenly jumble of cows, horses, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens and every kind of farm animal that can survive an Alpine summer. And everything runs around freely. In between, children ride on magnificent horses, who want to switch to mountain biking as soon as we see them. The honest hospitality and the excellent outdoor dining make this evening an unforgettable experience.
Length: 24 km ; Elevation: 1300 m
Technical skills: 4/5; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 5

On the first 200 meters uphill, the children of the village usually help us to push. then we use forest roads and dreamy single trails take us down into the valley of Valbona. The French call it “petit Chamonix”. It gets a bit more touristy here and it’s no wonder when you see the wild, rugged peaks that suddenly rise up into the sky. We spend the night in a nice hotel.
Length: 30 Km ; Elevation: 800 m
Technical skills: 4/5; Physical condition: 3/5

Day 6

It goes steeply up to the Valbona Pass (1,800 m). We have to push 80%. Halfway there is a bar where we can refresh ourselves for the rest of the ascent. If you want to have it comfortable, you can also have your bike carried from a horse to a pass. The trails down and the village of Theth are legendary – our accommodation with beautiful double rooms and delicious, authentic Albanian cuisine is a dream.
Length: 20 Km ; Elevation: 950 m
Technical skills: 4/5; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 7

We go uphill 1000 meters up to a pass on a forest road where we have lunch in a nice restaurant with a beautiful view. From there we roll 1,600 m on asphalt road to small-town Koplik from where we are picked up by our support vehicle and drive to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. City tour and we have Balkan dinner and taste nice wine and after we feel nightlife in Podgorica.
Length: 60 Km; Elevation: 1000 m
Technical skills: 3/5; Physical condition: 3/5

Day 8

Transfer to airport Podgorica

Price includes: Guides, overnight with half board, all transfers, luggage transport, visa forms.

Food: Balkan cuisine is rich and delicious. It is dominated by meat and lots of lettuce and vegetables. Vegetarians will also be satisfied with treats. Breakfast is plentiful. At lunchtime, we stop in small restaurants along the way or take packed lunches with us.

Climate: While it can get very hot in the cities and valleys and we have to tackle some sweaty driveways, it can get really cold on the mountain with wind and rain (which can sometimes happen). Even in good weather, it gets fresh in the evenings at the mountain huts at 1,800 m.