Trails of Macedonia

8 day tour

Duration: 8 days / all-day trip

Region: Central and Southwest Macedonia

Tour grade: Challenge

Biking season: June – September

Participants required:  2 – 12

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Trails of Macedonia

This tour is suitable for active adventurers who want to explore the beautiful and picturesque mountain landscapes in Macedonia. The start of the tour is in the city of Skopje and the end is at the well known Ohrid lake. The tour is filled with colorful landscapes, beautiful mountain hills, lakes, the well known orthodox monastery of Zrze, also traditional Macedonian villages where we can enjoy the traditional tasteful Macedonian cuisine and wines.

Day 1

Arrival in Skopje. We have organized dinner at a traditional restaurant where the participants can meet each other, followed by a short introduction to the tour. Then we continue with short sightseeing of the city that ends in the old town of Skopje with a beer party in one of the local pubs.

Day 2

The first destination for the day is the mountain lodge Karadzica on the mountain Jakupica, also know by the name of Wet Mountain (Mokra Planina) due to the abundance of water. We start the tour on a local road, and after passing a few villages we continue into forest road that ends at the mountain lodge. We will make few brakes on the road near springs of fresh and clean water. We will arrive at the lodge in the afternoon where you will see colorful landscapes. We will have Macedonian salad with rakija (local alcoholic drink) and barbeque prepared on a campfire.
Length: 44 km ; Elevation: 1400 m
Technical skills: 3/5; Physical condition: 3/5

Day 3

After breakfast we will continue our journey through mountain road full of colorful landscapes, passing by mountain plateau where we will make short snack break. We then continue our journey to the mountain top Solunska Glava at height of 2550m. We will then slowly descend the mountain to the village of Nezilovo, where we will spend the night on the riverbank of the Babuna river in a beautiful hotel-restaurant.
Length: 52 km ; Elevation: 1550 m
Technical skills: 4/5; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 4

Today we have the longest journey to the city of Bitola. We will visit the famous monastery in Zrze, which is a 14th-century monastery with a cave beneath it. It is believed that these caves origin from around the 3rd or 4th century. We continue our journey through few villages and in the afternoon we will arrive in Bitola, known as the city of consuls during the Turkish Empire. Our dinner will be at one of the restaurants at Shirok Sokak, where we will taste the famous Macedonian kebab and local beer.
Length: 112 km ; Elevation: 1350 m
Technical skills: 3/5; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 5

Today’s journey continues through one of the most beautiful national parks Pelister, which is known for the endemic species of pines and trout, various wild animals and plants and colorful landscapes. We will visit the lakes known as the Eyes of Pelister, the big and the small lake. We will make lunch break at the big lake and afterward we will continue to decedent the mountain witnessing one of the most vivid views of the Prespa Lake to the village Ljubojno. We will spend the night at one of the local houses in Ljubojno where we will enjoy the hospitality of the hosts and homemade food.
Length: 41 Km ; Elevation: 1500 m
Technical skills: 4/5; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 6

Today we will cycle a bit round the Prespa Lake, and then we will continue to the second national park Galichica. The road abounds with landscapes of both Lakes, Prespa, and Ohrid, as well as the beautiful mountain plateau of Galichica. We will take a break at one mountain lodge on Galichica. In the afternoon we will arrive at the end of the journey, the city and the lake of Ohrid. The city is known for the 365 churches and the first Slovenian university which has been established here. We will have dinner in one of the restaurants on the coast of the lake, and afterward, we will go sightseeing and visit a few local bars.
Length: 81 Km ; Elevation: 1000 m
Technical skills: 3/5; Physical condition: 4/5

Day 7

Today we have a free day, we can have a tour around the city or we can visit the village Trpejca with the quietest and peaceful beach, where we can have lunch in a local restaurant, and afterward, we can visit Sv. Naum monastery date from the 10th century and the springs of the river Crni Drim.

Day 8

Transport to Skopje